Best selling ps4 games

Best selling ps4 games


The game is a multiplayer online-just first-individual shooter computer game, that is created by Bungie and was initially distributed by Activision. Be that as it may, after Bungie isolated from Activision in 2019, Destiny is currently independently published under Bungie.

It was delivered on September 9, 2014, on the PlayStation 4, and until now, has sold roughly 5.76 million duplicates around the world.

The game is set in legendary sci-fi based world, where players can decide to play either, player versus climate or player versus player type games. On the off chance that you’re searching for a more customary style of play, Death Matches are likewise accessible.

 Skyline: Zero Dawn

It follows a person called “Aloy”, a tracker that is determined to reveal her past. Nonetheless, in doing so she needs to manage a world overwhelm by machines that will kill her the principal opportunity they get.

Players utilize various weapons all through the game and can acquire new abilities and capacities.

Skyline: Zero Dawn got a positive gathering from pundits upon delivery and won various honors.

Lord of War

It’s an activity experience game that was delivered on the PS4 on April 20, 2018, and was created by Santa Monica Studio and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It’s the eighth portion in the establishment, and, this time around, it depends on Norse folklore, with a huge extent of the game being set in the domain of Midgard in old Norway.

Lord of War got all inclusive approval for its reality plan, music, story and characters, and became one of the greatest appraised PlayStation 4 games of all time.

In the span of a month of delivery, God of War sold north of 5,000,000 duplicates, in the end selling more than 10 million by May 2019.


The game was delivered overall in September 2014 and was the principal game in the Fifa series to be completely authorized by the Premier League.

It’s basically what it says on the tin, a multi-player football recreation game that permits players to pick and modify their own groups while dealing with the association, or playing against different groups on the web.

Upon discharge, Fifa 15 got positive surveys from pundits and forges ahead with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith as the fundamental reporters all through the game.


The game was made by Markus Persson and distributed by Mojang. The PS4 form was delivered in December 2014.

It’s a basic game contrasted with others on the rundown, as players investigate a pixilated 3D world looking for unrefined components and specialty devices, building designs or earthworks en route. Contingent upon the game mode chose, players can battle against PC produced adversaries or different players on the web.

Minecraft has won innumerable honors, was widely praised upon discharge and has been depicted similar to the best computer game ever.

The Last of Us

It was created by Naughty Dog and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

As a player, you’ll control Joel; a dealer that is gotten himself the occupation of accompanying Ellie, a high school young lady, across the United States in the fallout of an end of the world. Players need to protect themselves from inhuman animals and threatening people, utilizing a variety of weapons and secrecy capacities.

Upon discharge, The Last of Us got basic recognition and acquired its place among the smash hit computer games ever, with gross deals of 1.3 million in its most memorable week and up to seventeen million toward the finish of April 2018.

 War zone 1

The game was created by EA Dice and distributed by Electronic Arts (EA) and was delivered on the PlayStation 4 on October 21, 2016.

The game is set in the time of World War 1 and is generally motivated by memorable occasions. Players can utilize World Was 1 weapons and vehicles to battle different players and it simply boils down to the sole survivor.

War zone 1 got positive surveys from pundits and was seen as a significant improvement over the last two games in the series.

Extraordinary mission at hand: Advanced Warfare

It’s a first-individual shooter computer game that is the 11th significant portion in the Call of Duty series. It was created by Sledgehammer Games and distributed by Activision.

The games single-player mode includes just a single player character, Jack Mitchel; and after every mission, Jack is given a specific measure of overhaul focuses that can be utilized to redesign his Exo suit or weapons. Players can likewise appreciate online multiplayer with more than 350 weapons to look over.

High level Warfare got a positive gathering when it was delivered in 2014 and won a few industry grants.

 Star Wars Battlefront

It’s an activity shooter computer game that depends on the Star Wars film establishment, and, is the third significant delivery in the Star Wars Battlefront sub-series.

The game can be played in first or third-individual, and players can switch between sees at whatever point they need.

As a player, you’ll go to a great deal of the planets that were highlighted in the first Star Wars set of three and set out on numerous a mission.

The game was delivered to the world in 2015 and got blended surveys from pundits, and won a “Audio cue” grant at the 2015 Game Awards.


This time around, EA presented female players and it was the primary FIFA title in history to permit the cover to be picked by famous vote. Other than that, you can expect everything from the past adaptation, in addition to new arenas and preparing mode.s

FIFA 16 got primarily sure surveys from pundits and was selected for a “Best Sport’s/Racing Game at The Game Awards 2015.

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